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We are your trusted source for the highest quality Liquid Lipotropic Supplements that help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

Our products are based on the latest science and health research. We pride ourselves in providing products that produce consistent results.

All products are proudly made in the USA and we ship your order the same day you order as long as you order by 4pm. Proudly manufactured by Phoenix Nutrition Inc.

Here at Meditrim we sell the LipoVingual Blast to offer our patients the increase in energy and to “feel better”, especially during a workout or just that pick me up to make it through the afternoon lull. Our patients have really noticed the energy increase as well as feeling that their hunger may be more controlled than before taking the Blast. The convenience of the 1 oz. bottles make it easier for our patients to take on the road with them instead of the larger 16 oz. bottle. Overall, our patients love the product and said they will definitely continue taking it. I myself am taking the LipoVingual Blast and do not have to have that cup of caffeine to finish the day. We highly recommend the LipoVingual Blast for that “pick me up” most of us are looking for.
Meditrim of East Texas, LLC Staff

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